mybuxi Emmental is a non-profit association that provides the driving services for mybuxi Emmental, supports the development of the range of services and is the link to the region. It consists of a board of directors, association members and volunteer drivers.

The current members of the board are:

  • Marius Zollet (President)
  • Adrian Houriet (vice-president)
  • Thomas Zimmermann (secretary, communication)
  • Therese Grossenbacher (treasurer)
  • Peter Uhlmann (vehicle)
  • Martin Hess (IT and technology)


The board is happy to welcome members who would like to get involved in various tasks, for example training the app for seniors, organising events or further developing the services. Women and young people are especially welcome. Volunteer drivers are also always welcome. Interested persons can contact us by email at


The statutes of the association can be downloaded here.


Marius Zollet
Brauchernstrasse 15
3416 Affolterni/E
Telefon: +41 79 651 54 56