Increasing the attractiveness

mybuxi improves mobility in communities and regions. Areas that were previously not or insufficiently accessible become accessible and thus increase the attractiveness of the community for the inhabitants as well as the economy. As an alternative to a (second) car, a mybuxi service reduces car traffic and the need for parking spaces. Senior citizens and young people can also travel safely and reliably with mybuxi.

Lower costs and higher flexibility at the same time

The costs for a mybuxi service are lower than for comparable services such as a local bus, while at the same time offering greater flexibility. At the same time, in the medium to long term, extensions to the road network and parking spaces can be reduced – this can also have a positive effect in other municipalities.

The introduction time for a service is between 2 and 6 months, depending on the complexity and the legal situation in the canton. The general legal situation regarding the non-concessionary mybuxi mobility service was presented by the FOT at the conference of cantonal public transport directors. In this presentation you will find a summary of the important points.


The mybuxi offers two types of operation:

  • Citizens’ bus with volunteer drivers (comparable to volunteer fire brigade)
  • Professional driver model (comparable with professional fire brigade)

Regardless of the type of employment, mybuxi drivers receive basic and regular further training.
mybuxi works together with the regional public transport companies in order to guarantee an optimal coordination of the two types of services. About half of the journeys with mybuxi start or end at a railway station, which makes the public transport service more attractive. The other journeys take place within the region, e.g. for journeys to work and education, sports and cultural venues, health facilities or to businesses in the hospitality industry.
mybuxi consistently relies on electrically powered vehicles. Minibuses with a maximum of 9 passengers (including the driver) are used. When it comes to energy supply, mybuxi makes sure that local and sustainable energy sources are used.

Existing business areas

Currently, mybuxis operate in four regions:

  • in the municipalities of Herzogenbuchsee and Niederönz
  • in the Emmental in the municipalities of Heimiswil, Affoltern and parts of Burgdorf, Oberburg, Hasle b.B., Rüegsau and Lützelflüh
  • in the Gotthard region in the municipalities of Andermatt, Hospenthal, Realp, Göschenen, Wassen and Gurtnellen
  • in the Belp – Gantrisch region

Extensions of these areas and other regions are in preparation.

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